Privacy Policy

User Data Collection

Your online privacy is a top priority at Antigua Seaview. This privacy policy statement explains how we use data that may be collected when you provide information in the form fields on this website.

How we collect Data

What Type Of Data We Collect

The information we collect may include name and address, ID, Email and telephone contact numbers and demographics. NOTE: Our privacy policy is subject to modifications and changes without notice. Use of this site is an acknowledgement of our privacy policy.

How We May Use Collected data

We do not share information submitted at our website. However, we may use information collected occasionally to communicate and notify you of any changes to our business operations and our website privacy policy.

Terms Of Use

All users must provide valid information in the required fields before submitting it to us. You may not use incorrect information or that of another person on this website. Antigua Seaview reserve the right to ban any user engaging in fraudulent activities that could undermind our business.